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Sample acupuncture fertility testimonials

I first went to Laurie to prepare for my third round of IVF. I didn’t tell my fertility physician that I was going, because I wanted to see if there was any difference in how the cycle went (without him knowing there was a new variable). I received several acupuncture treatments from Laurie and followed all of her recommendations on how to treat my body. To my delight (and the confusion of my physician), the cycle went measurably better, and we ended up with an amazing baby son (and two frozen embryos to use later).

I went back to Laurie again this past year, to prepare myself for the transfer of the frozen embryos. I did not have high hopes because they were frozen, and one was not considered a “strong” embryo. Again, I received acupuncture and followed her advice closely. I’m thrilled to report that both embryos took, and now we’re expecting twins!

I would highly recommend Laurie to anyone going through the experience of IVF or ART. She has a wonderful personality, makes you feel completely comfortable and positive, and infuses what can be a very stressful experience with calmness, optimism and a sense of well-being. With a background and expertise in Western fertility practices AND Eastern medicine, she also has a nicely balanced perspective on how the two can work together. I’m SO happy and grateful that I found her!
Cynthia L.
Los Angeles, CA

Laurie is an incredible acupuncturist and person. She helped me at every stage of my pregnancy from getting pregnant quickly (after just two appointments), to managing anxiety throughout the pregnancy and finally at the end, when I was going to be induced, I saw her a few days before the induction and the acupuncture points helped induce my labor very quickly once I got started at the hospital. She is warm, helpful, educated in both eastern and western medicine and extremely compassionate, especially in the areas of fertility and pregnancy. I highly recommend her to any woman who is trying to get pregnant or who wants extra support during pregnancy. She is wonderful!
Alexis W.
Santa Monica, CA

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