Los Angeles Acupuncture and Wellness: 5 Steps to a Healthy Heart

heart healthEven though there has been much medical advancement over the past hundreds of years, heart problems still remain the top cause of death for people in the United States and across the globe. Heart problems can include heart attacks, congenital heart disease, coronary heart disease, and congestive heart failure. What most people don’t realize is that heart disease can be managed with ancient techniques like acupuncture and oriental medicine. Oriental medicine calls for making changes to your lifestyle such as reaching a health weight, quitting smoking, improving sleep, reducing stress, and managing your blood pressure. Acupuncture is used to help a person make these changes.

5 Steps to a Healthy Heart with Acupuncture

Step #1: Weight Management
People who are considered obese have a higher chance of developing illnesses like coronary artery disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure which all can lead to a sever heart condition or even heart failure. Even if you seem healthy, the human body is not meant to have too much extra weight if any at all. An overweight body will surely increase your chances of developing heart diseases.

Acupuncture and oriental medicines are great to use for losing weight. Oriental medicine is all about making changes to the lifestyle and diet of a person, which can alone help you reach your desired weight. Acupuncture points can also be targeted to help boost the process of absorbing important nutrients, control appetite, reduce anxiety, and energize the body.

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Anne lost over 100lbs with acupuncture, diet and exercise

Step #2: Quit Smoking/Tobacco
Although smoking and tobacco are known for causing lung cancer, they are also a major cause of coronary artery disease as well. Over fifteen percent of people who die from heart disease have cigarettes to blame. Acupuncture is a widely accepted way of treating smoking habits. While in the withdrawal stage, this treatment will prevent withdrawal symptoms like cravings, restlessness, jitters, and irritability as well as detoxifies the body of the chemicals contained within cigarettes and tobacco.  More info on quitting smoking

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Step #3: Improve Sleep
The quality of sleep you get per night is directly linked to your health. Poor sleep conditions can lead to atherosclerosis, heart attacks, stroke, obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure. People who get less than the recommended amount of sleep are more prone to developing a heart disease. Sleep medicines can have nasty side effects over time, which is why acupuncture is a great method for curing sleep problems like insomnia the natural way. The reason acupuncture works so well for sleep is because it fixes any imbalances in your body that are the cause for sleep disruptions. When these balances are fixed, not only will a person get better sleep, but will achieve a better physical and mental condition overall.

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Step #4: Reduce Stress
Every person faces some sort of stress in life, but continuous unmanaged stress can cause psychological, emotional, and physical problems. These physical problems include high blood pressure, irregular heart beats, chest pains, and heart diseases. There are two theories to how stress increases the risk of heart conditions. The first is that stress could be a direct risk to heart disease and the second states that stress may cause other risks that can lead to heart conditions. There have been many studies on how acupuncture treats mental health conditions like stress and anxiety while oriental medicine provides special tools and techniques to relax one’s mind. These techniques involve Qi gong, herbal medicine, meditation, dietary therapy, and Tui Na.



Step #5: Lower High Blood Pressure
High blood pressure is responsible for causing heart diseases by making the heart work harder than it should be. It can increase how much oxygen is needed for the heart which can lead to angina. High blood pressure can cause also cause damage to the blood vessels that travel through the kidneys and brain as well as enlarge the heart.

In order to prevent all of this from happening, it’s important to get your blood pressure back down to a normal level. Acupuncture is used for the relaxation of the body meaning is can help lower the blood pressure. An acupuncturist will target certain points around the forearms, legs, and wrists to stimulate the production of opioids. Opioids are responsible for decreasing heart activity which will lower the blood pressure.

Acupuncture for Chronic Pain Relief

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Study Shows Acupuncture Significantly Lowers Blood Pressure

Researchers have found that acupuncture lowers both kinds of blood pressure, diastolic and systolic. Treatments done with acupuncture have been proven to show better results than any type of medication or lifestyle change. In a study, over one hundred patients with mild heart conditions were treated with six weeks of acupuncture performed by experts compared to another group who underwent normal treatments like medication. After the testing was complete, patients who received acupuncture had a noticeable different in both types of blood pressure while those who received normal procedures had no obvious changes.

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Recharge Yourself with Acupuncture in Los Angeles

Acupuncture for Vital Energy

Fatigue and a lack of energy are two of the top problems people often tell their doctors about. The best way to gain more energy is through two natural treatments known as oriental medicine and acupuncture, especially during the winter months when it is the optimal time for recharging your life energy. Life energy, or Qi, is responsible for managing every aspect of your body and when keeps you looking and feeling good.

According to the ancient Chinese, humans should live in correlation with the seasons and environment around them. When the weather is cold and dark during the winter months, it is believed that this is the best time to restore energy and build-up strength for the coming seasons.

During this time the bladder, adrenal glands, and kidneys are best replenished. The kidney is especially important because it is the main source of all of your life energy and can be easily depleted during the winter months. It is important to keep the body warm and nourished by eating whole grain foods, roasted nuts, and nutritious soups. It is also advised that a person goes to sleep earlier and awake a bit later after the temperature has warmed a bit in order to preserve your Qi. It is advisable that one gets seasonal acupuncture treatments in order to greatly increase the body’s functions, ability to heal itself, and increase overall wellness.

Proper nutrients are important for Qi as well as one’s energy, so it’s important to consume foods and beverages like the ones below.

The most important substance the body needs for energy, flow of Qi, and overall vitality is water. What most don’t know is, water should be drunk at room temperate throughout the entire day.

Pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, black sesame seeds, and sunflower seeds are consumed to enhance the Qi in the reproductive and endocrine systems.

Vegetables that are dark and leafy are your best bet for boosting energy and improving the kidney. These vegetables can include cabbage, asparagus, and spinach.

Kidney beans and black beans are both great foods that nourish the kidney better than any other.

Berries such as blackberries, mulberries, and blueberries are extremely good foods for improving the flow of kidney Qi as well as providing your body with much needed antioxidants.


Treating Autoimmune Disease with Acupuncture

What is an Autoimmune Disorder?

If a person’s immune system attacks its own body, this is considered an autoimmune disease.  Based on research by the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association, over twenty percent of Americans have this disorder. There are quite a number of illnesses and diseases that can be classified as an autoimmune disorder such as lupus, thyroid disease, type 1 diabetes, multiple sclerosis, Addison’s disease, Gullain-Barré syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, myasthenia gravis, and rheumatoid arthritis (which we will go into more detail about below).

Any type of autoimmune disorder causes the immune system to attack its own cells. When the body is healthy, this occurrence is completely impossible. If this process occurs in the body then it is more than likely that you have this disorder, but it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly which disease you may have until more symptoms occur.

Viruses and bacteria can cause the immune system to malfunction resulting in a person acquiring an autoimmune disease, but this usually only occurs if the person has the potential of an autoimmune disorder due to genetics. These toxins cause an autoimmune reaction in the person which activates the disease in the body. Slowly signs of the disorder will show starting with symptoms like muscle pain without exercise, rashes, dry eyes, sudden weight loss, fever, hair loss, chronic fatigue, numbness of body parts, or heart palpitations.

Autoimmune treatment can be quite expensive due to the frequent trips to the doctor and for the high costs of medication. This is why more and more people are researching alternative such as oriental medicine or acupuncture. Not only do these alternatives treat autoimmune diseases, but they are also meant to increase a person’s overall health and wellness.

Manage Autoimmune Disease and Rheumatoid Arthritis with Acupuncture

It is said that when the body’s energy flow is disrupted or blocked, it can become quite sick. This energy, known as qi by those who follow ancient oriental medicine techniques, can be managed with a method known as acupuncture. This technique clears blockades in the body in order to get the qi flowing correctly once again. When that happens, balance is restored in the body thus ridding from it sicknesses like autoimmune disorder. This is just the general explanation of course, there is a lot that goes into acupuncture and should only be done by those who have been in the field for awhile.

Health specialists have found that acupuncture techniques cause the nerve cells in the pituitary gland and different parts of the brain to release hormones into the body. These hormones help regulate functions in the body and will aid in managing an autoimmune disorder. Along with acupuncture, to treat such a disorder one would have to take various other natural treatments such as herbal medicines and stress relieving exercises.

One of the most popular types of autoimmune diseases is rheumatoid arthritis. This disease can cause inflammation, pain, swelling, redness, stiffness, warmth, or worst of all loss of feeling in the joints. This disease can last throughout a person’s life if not treated as soon as possible using the correct methods. Acupuncture is the best choice for managing this disease, as well as any illness causing inflammation or pain within the body.

Acupuncturists know exactly how to control the energy flow within your body using very thin needles so that the body no longer feels pain in a specific area. Certain herbs will be used as well depending on the current condition of the body. Whether is be for an autoimmune disease, chronic pain, rheumatoid arthritis, or stress, acupuncture and the right oriental medicines will help you manage it.

Los Angeles Acupuncture and Wellness- Acupuncture and Headaches

Studies Show that Acupuncture Stops Headaches

Cochrane Researchers conducted two different studies to show that acupuncture is indeed an effective treatment for the prevention and treatment of migraines and headaches.

The goal of both studies was to discover if acupuncture is able to reduce how often headaches occur in a person. The first study was more focused on mild, yet frequent headaches while the second studied more chronic, yet less frequent headaches, or migraines. Both trials together involved over six thousand patients in total.

The studies lasted around eight weeks. The first showed that those who received acupuncture had fewer headaches than those who took standard pain medications. The second reported the same results.

In one case that involved about three hundred patients, acupuncture was shown to reduce headaches by as much as two hundred percent. These results initiated a similar test to be conducted for those who suffered chronic tension headaches. In this test the people involved were split up into three different groups over an eight week period. One group received no treatment, the second received minimal acupuncture (which is when needles don’t fully activate the point targeted), and the third received normal acupuncture. The group that received no treatment suffered one and a half fewer days of headaches, the minimal acupuncture group had around six and a half days of no headaches, and the full acupuncture group had a whole week of no headaches.

With each test done, more and more improvements were made. Each treatment reduced the chances of headaches from reoccurring more and more. Besides acupuncture, there are a variety of changes on can make to their lifestyle in help reduce and treat headaches, which can be seen below.

Change #1: Stress
Stress is the number one cause of tension headaches, so in order to rid this trigger is would be wise to look into relaxation techniques to help soothe the mind.

Change #2: Sleep
Sleep is more important than you think. We need at least eight hours of sleep per night in order to maintain proper functioning.

Change #3: Eat Healthy
Small, regular, healthy meals are what you need. If you aren’t eating properly, then your blood sugar can fall too quick which will result in a headache. Foods that induce headaches include red meats, salty refined foods, and alcohol.

Change #4: Healthcare Consultation
Make sure to consult with a healthcare specialist, such as an acupuncturist, in order to prevent headaches from reoccurring.

Change #5: Keep a Headache Journal
Keeping a headache journal will help your healthcare provider figure out the triggers of your headache as well as how to prevent them from happening.

Change #6: Exercise
Exercise is an important activity that benefits our body in many ways. It also releases endorphins, which are chemicals in the brain that help relieve stress.


Los Angeles Acupuncture for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a painful condition that involves the nerves of the wrist and can include symptoms like weakness, numbness, and pain in the hands and fingers. Fortunately, this can be prevented by changing one’s lifestyle a bit. By following the nine recommendations below (no specific order), the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome can be significantly reduced.

Recommendation #1
Walk at least once every single day. It is important to take a break from your activities often, especially if you are sitting, to get up and move the body.

Recommendation #2
Start an exercise routine. It doesn’t matter which exercise you choose, as long as it gets you up and moving. Some of the more common exercises people get into are tennis, yoga, bicycling, swimming, and stretching.

Recommendation #3
Stress can cause all sorts of problems, some even fatal, so it is very important that you find a way to manage it. Either take stress reduction classes or look into receiving acupuncture. Avoid smoking and alcohol as stress relievers as these will only worsen stress.

Recommendation #4
Purchase a few relaxation tapes. This will let your body relax to its fullest and reduce any stress it may have. Meditation can work as well.

Recommendation #5
Stimulate the acupuncture points on the body with self massaging techniques. This will improve the flow of Qi which will improve your overall health.

Recommendation #6
Stop drinking those sugary, unhealthy sodas. Soda has an unhealthy amount of sugar and can cause damage to the kidney and spleen.

Recommendation #7
Eat healthier foods such as fruit and vegetables that targets the overall functioning of the spleen and liver. Avoid artificial juice, too much coffee, spicy foods, alcohol, and greasy foods.

Recommendation #8
Remove any processed or refined foods from your diet. Products like white bread and pasta are not only unhealthy, but will cause obesity over time. This can lead to even more problems such as fibromyalgia.

Recommendation #9
Make sure to include foods such as complex carbohydrates, whole grains, unrefined carbohydrates, vegetables, proteins, and legumes into your diet.